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Wool and Bamboo Silk Hand Knotted Rug

Meri Duniya
by Bugali

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  • 50% Wool 50% Bamboo Silk
  • LES-180 - Red Orange / Lime Green
  • Modern
  • Hand Knotted
  • Pile Height 8 mm
Bugali, a young weaver, started weaving in order to support her family. Her father and 3 brothers work as daily wage earners in the village while her mother is a weaver. Belonging to a financially deprived family, Bugali couldn’t continue her education despite wanting to. Bugali is hesitant to communicate in words and this is due to some violence that she went through as a child. As a silent soul for all these years, she now finds her sense of liberation through her art. Bugali’s journey of discovering her hidden potential has led her to break many of her mindset barriers, and she has evolved with every rug that she has woven. Further, with Jaipur Rug’s alternate education program she is able to pursue education along with other women of her village. Now, she is able to count numbers and write her name- reinforcing her identity on her piece of art. “When the human senses work together it creates energy that is unstoppable.”- Bugali
Meri Duniya

Bugali, has depicted her own village life through this rug. She has named it ‘Meri Duniya’, which means my world. Bugali’s soulful journey of designing and weaving the rug is inspired by her observations of her surroundings. With this rug Bugali also challenged herself to weave a much more intricate pattern than she had knotted on her previous rug. She hence chose the chevron design pattern at the bottom of the rug which is inspired from a scarf that she wears often. Delving deep into the mystic process of weaving, she wove a maze like pattern taking inspiration from a Pankhi (Hindi word for a hand-fan). She keeps using this hand-fan while working on the loom. She has woven a beautiful little house on the carpet which she saw in a painting made by her nephew. She has recreated a design which resembles a staircase. However, she affirms that it looks like a staircase but it is inspired by the pattern she saw at the back of a chair in her house. The rug holds a continuous pattern of triangles which has been inspired from a photo frame hanging on one of the walls of her house. She has also woven the tri-colour national flag of India at the center of the rug. She says that she saw the flag being hoisted in the premises of a school opposite her house, on 26th January, India’s Republic Day. Her rug displays her favorite intricate pattern of Janjeera (Hindi word for a repetitive intricate pattern), which is a common element seen in all her self-designed rugs. The meticulously made pattern of small dots is also inspired from Jaari (Hindi word for a tool used for frying food), which she sees in her kitchen. Bugali believes that the vertical columns and use of geometrical shapes on the carpet, allow her to use multi-colors. For her love of colors, she went from loom to loom in her village, picking her favorite accent colors to add to her palette. She thinks that this makes the carpet look very captivating. Surprisingly, with this rug, Bugali thought of introducing the world with her real name i.e. Suman. So, she wove her name in bold letters at the top right portion of the carpet.

To the owner of the rug
“I wish that you are victorious in all your endeavors and I hope to weave more rugs for you and your loved ones”


  • Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from getting trapped in fibers.
  • If spills occur, blot immediately. Do not rub the stain.
  • Rotate occasionally to equalize wear.
  • Use protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening and piling.
  • If thread comes out do not pull the yarn, trim with scissor.
  • Periodic professional cleaning recommended
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